Industrial Relations and Enterprise Bargaining: Trends & Practical Strategies

Trends and recent case developments on right of entry, industrial action, enterprise bargaining and agreement termination applications

Seven key benefits of attending this ELM Workshop:

 1      Receive a full day’s update from the Minter Ellison employment law team on key industrial relations trends that may affect you as an employer
 2      Understand what legislative and regulatory impacts have changed over the past 9 – 12 months in the industrial relations space
 3      Learn about specific Right of Entry changes and what case developments to keep in mind when dealing with this issue in your own workplace
 4      Benefit from a full 90 minute session on trends related to protected and unprotected industrial action and what impacts this has had on employer decision making
 5      Review both technical and creative Enterprise Bargaining tips that other employers have been utilising and that should be considered in your own EBAs
 6      Access our Minter Ellison’s speakers’ knowledge and experience in Enterprise Bargaining first hand during dedicated Q&A periods throughout the workshop, and feel free to ask questions throughout
 7      Understand when, if, and how an employer should make an agreement termination application

What you will learn by attending?

Session AKey IR legislative and regulatory updates affecting your organisation in 2017
Session B: Important developments in Right of Entry – what you do and don't have to allow 
Session C: Industrial action: trends and impacts
Session D: Developing an industrial strategy for your organisation
Session E: Enterprise Bargaining 101: A refresh of the process and approval requirements
Session F: Enterprise Agreement termination applications: Flavour of the month, but is it a good idea for your organisation?


The employment law team at Minter Ellison will take you through trends, case law, and practical presentations on how to best deal with changes in Industrial Relations within the states of VIC, WA and QLD. Receive a full day’s breakdown of key issues and changes in the IR space that can help you prepare your organisation’s own strategy.


This workshop is attended by both HR executives and those in Employee and Workplace Relations. The workshop will balance HR issues along with those legal risks to ensure you receive an update on what is happening and how it impacts the organisation. We encourage you to attend in groups to really benefit as an organisation, and offer group discounts to incentivise this.

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