Session A:
Key IR legislative and regulatory updates affecting your organisation in 2017

  • Recent changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), including the Turnbull Government's amendments to the ABCC, Registered Organisations and vulnerable worker regimes  
  • Key changes to modern awards 
  • The rise of accessorial liability prosecutions by regulators – individual employees in the firing line 
  • New judges and tribunal members


Session B:
Important developments in Right of Entry – what you do and don't have to allow

  • Understanding recent Right of Entry changes
  • Knowing the impacts of these changes and what it means for your organisation
  • Case studies considering the practical implementation of right of entry
  • Union access and your privacy obligations


Morning Tea


Session C:
Industrial action: trends and impacts

  • Emerging trends including stop orders, novel bans and employer approaches to PABOs 
  • Understanding the distinction between 'protected' and 'unprotected' action
  • How recent industrial action trends have impacted organisations' ability to make decisions
  • Amendments to FWC rules and procedure regarding PABO applications 
  • Lessons from recent big industrial disputes 


Session D:
Developing an industrial strategy for your organisation

  • Is an Enterprise Agreement right for your organisation?
  • Do you need to deal with different parts of your operation separately?
  • What are your other options?




Session E:
Enterprise Bargaining 101: A refresh of the process and approval requirements

  • Dotting your I's and crossing your T's – why substantial procedural compliance is not enough
  • Meeting the Better Off Overall Test: case studies of recent significant BOOT decisions


Session F:
Enterprise Agreement termination applications – Flavour of the month, but is it a good idea for your organisation? 

  • Understanding when, and if, an employer should make a termination application
  • Uncovering what considerations apply, especially the 'public interest'  
  • Recent case studies 


Afternoon Tea


Session G:
Achieving good bargaining outcomes  

  • Using the Good Faith Bargaining requirements as a shield and a sword 
  • Practical technical and creative tips for EA negotiations, including staff communications, deadlock strategies and ensuring that content agreed remains flexible and relevant to your workplace during the life of an agreement
  • FWC interest-based dispute resolution and 'new approaches' program – could it be right for you? 


Close of Workshop

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